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Looking for Football Service Picks? A Great Football Consensus?


Looking for Football Service Picks? A Great Football Consensus? A major advantage of Premium Consensus is that each member can use the information in a variety of ways; whether focusing on a handful of handicappers and exclusively using their picks or just focusing on Best Bet or Game of the Year selections from some or all the handicappers. Some of the advantages of our reporting:

Records are tracked by sport, type of play, profitability and winning percentage:


Every play is tracked and logged and archived:



We have a detailed trend database that allows you to research your favorite handicappers:





On game day, you can sort by sport, handicapper or the latest updates:



An educated sports bettor can join Premium Consensus and enjoy all the plays from every major sports service for a price much smaller than joining a single major sports information service.
For a sports bettor, when they choose a sporting event to bet on, the most informed player will always succeed at a higher rate than those who settle for less than the best information service. Premium Consensus offer the most information for one low fee providing the releases of every major reliable sports service in the handicapping industry.