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How to Bet Football Teasers

Betting NFL Teasers

How to bet Football Teasers? Betting football teasers in the NFL can be profitable despite the misconception that they are “sucker bets”. Over the past few years, professional gamblers have been able to find edges when betting NFL teasers and used this to become profitable on bets once only considered to be for the “square” handicapper.

First, let us explain the basics of what a football teaser is. For the sake of discussion we will only focus on the two main types of teasers:
6 point teaser: The sportsbook will allow you to move the line six points in a pair of football games, but you are forced to win both bets.
10 point teasers: The sportsbook will allow you to move the line ten point on three games, but you are forced to win all three bets.

As we mentioned, some sportsbooks offer other variations or some type of payout on pushes, but for the most part the six and ten point football teasers are the industry standard.
The problem is that for so many years, the spotsbook have made a killing on the with teasers, but recently professional gamblers have offset those winnings by taking it to the bookmakers. To help combat the “wiseguys” you might notice a large amount of 9 point favorites in the NFL without much movement to 8.5 or 8. Why? Well, the reason is a line of 8.5 or 8 allows the bettor to tease the number down and go thru two of the most important NFL key numbers, 3 and 7. Remember, betting in this fashion with football teasers does not pay off in college and has only allowed the “sharps” to grind it out in the NFL.

Some basic tips to follow when betting teasers in the NFL:
* In six point teasers, move the favorites of 7.5-8.5 down to 1.5 – 2.5, thus crossing both 3 and 7.
* In six point teasers, move the underdogs of 1.5-2.5 up to 7.5-8.5, thus moving cross 3 and 7.
* In ten point teasers, move favorites of 10.5-12.5 down to 1/2-2.5, thus moving not only across 3 and 7, but the minor key number of 10.
* In ten point teasers, move the underdogs of 1-2.5 up to 11-12.5, thus crossing all three key numbers.

Some key things to remember, is you can’t blanket bet NFL teasers across the board and assuem you are on the way to retirement. The professional gambler will take the time to use this system when the points have the most value, whether it be a lower total or a game thet handicap to be closer than the pointspread predicts. Also, the majority of sportsbook do not like players who only hammer them with wagers that seem to remove the house edge. Betting football teasers where you are not a “square” could cause the sportsbook to starting feeding you a wiseguy line rather than the standard lines the average bettor will get.